Reviews for Yogi Miloh LMT

Reviews for Yogi Miloh LMT

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Overall Rating: 5.0

5 Star Reviews (23)

More than a massage!

I visited Miloh on the recommendation of a friend to help work out some knots and sore muscles after getting back into the gym. I thought I was experiencing one set of aches and pains but Miloh quickly realized those were byproducts of larger issues. He helped me with my stress knots and sore muscles as well as helping me with stretching, flexibility and joint issues. Miloh effectively communicates with you but is also naturally intuitive at listening to your body. In addition the physical benefits, the emotional release associated with working with Miloh was an unexpected bonus! Miloh is affordable, professional and a genuinely good guy who clearly loves what he does and loves helping people! Do yourself a favor and make an appointment with Miloh today!

- Nick Robbins 09/02/17

Best massage ever!

There are a lot of massage therapists, but very few healers. Miloh is definitely a healer, it's his calling. He puts his soul in what he does and customizes massage to your specific needs. He is highly professional and trained in different kinds of massage. If you want a quality massage, make an appointment with Miloh. You won't regret it. He is awesome!

- Tatiana Krissman 04/12/17

Wonderful body work

Each time I see Miloh I find more insight for my life and love for my body. Miloh is intuitive and helps me find alignment for my body and soul.

- Alicia Bott 04/06/17

My first massage experience...

This was my first massage experience! I just want to say that Miloh was EXCELLENT!! I felt very comfortable and relaxed throughout the massage. I left the section totally relaxed and ready to face few more days in my stressful routine. The only issue is that I noticed massage could be addictive, in other words, I can't want to schedule my next appointment! :)

- Renato Dos Santos 03/09/17

Relaxed and Healed

I have gone to LMT Yogi Miloh for about two years now. He is an amazing and intuitive massage therapist. He has a gift for knowing where tension is being held and what needs to be done to release it. I have worked through so much tension from seeing him. I feel relaxed and healed after every session. Once I got a massage from Miloh I started seeing him exclusively for massage.

- Lauren Angela 03/03/17

Excellent Massage!

I received a massage from Miloh and it was a very enjoyable experience. Miloh was able to focus on getting the knots out of my back which I get from being a consistent weight lifter. Miloh was able to provide the relief and relaxation I needed. Thanks Miloh!

- Cody Neville 02/26/17

You won't regret it!

Miloh is very knowledgeable when it comes to addressing pain anywhere in the body. He provides a relaxing and unique experience each visit. Not only an amazing massage but also a very intuitive discussion. I highly recommend him and will continue to refer people to him!

- Jesse Kilgrow 02/22/17


I have struggled with a lack of range of motion in my neck combined with shooting pains that wrap around my ribcage. I was starting to think I wouldn't find relief, as I have seen a doctor and get weekly massage from a wide range of massage therapists. I finally have free and complete movement of my neck. Thank you.

- Nora Grandpre 02/22/17

Truly wants whats best for clients

Miloh is the only massage therapist who when I said what my issues were actually focused on those areas until the issues were taken care off. His prices are amazing compared to his peers, especially for the time, care, and expertise of techniques that he applies to his clients. He is versed in many techniques for all different issues, people, and request. I recommend him to everyone that is even thinking of going to a massage therapist for fun, issues, or maintenance.

- Britney Sevy 02/16/17

made my day!

i have been wanting a massage for sometime now. (the last one i had was over a year ago.)
my job keeps me climbing ladders & lifting a lot, so needless to say i am sore.
my partner mentioned that he followed someone on facebook that does massages. i blew it off, well . . . because of facebook.
he booked me a 60min massage with miloh, without tell me.
best thing ever!!
miloh is amazing!
i was just expecting a run of the mill massage. but no! it was a healing session!!
before he started, we talked about how i was feeling, where i was sore, how i carried my stress.
you can really tell that miloh loves what he does, cares about how you are feeling & is trained very well.
the ambiance is very relaxing & comfortable without feeling phony or fake. the experience is about you & getting healed!
& the price is so modest! well worth the money!
massage by miloh is highly recommended by me & i will be sending everyone i know to him!

- David Braithwaite 02/03/17

Cannot chose a better LMT!

I got my massage with Miloh when I had neck & shoulders pain and I am so happy I did. He is the massage world's be kept secret! He was professional, while other places just scrap their forearms up and down your back, this guy has TECHNIQUE and uses all of his fingers. Miloh is here to WORK you muscles and actually achieve results you'll feel in your body. The next day my muscles weren't sore anymore and I actually had motion and range in my movements. Miloh is the real deal, guys. He knows the right pressure to use but is still flexible and encourages feedback. This man is the #1 go to for massages from now on.

- Susana Perez 01/24/17

Massage extraordinaire!

I have had many massages by various massage therapist in my lifetime. Miloh gives the best massages, hands down. He has been working on my back for a little over a year. It's obvious that Miloh is passionate about the healing effects of massage and spends copious amounts of time studying various techniques. He puts in extra effort to heal his clients. His holistic approach to massage is not only extremely relaxing, but curative. I always look forward to what I consider the best treat to give myself, a massage by Miloh.

- Grace Perry 01/18/17

Book the 90

The only regret I have about my first session with Miloh is that I booked a 60 minute session. As he neared the end of the session Miloh asked if there was anywhere he needed to go back to. I asked if he had an extra 30 minutes but he didn't. 60 was good 90 would have been great. I believe I can end my year long search for a new therapist. See you in two weeks.

- Thoms Jorgensen 01/10/17

Is there an option for 10 stars?

I have been getting monthly massages for the past few years and have tried many therapists. I recently discovered Miloh and I have been trying to write this review with my mind for several weeks now. I truly lack the words to adequately describe how much I appreciate the professionalism and genuine care that Miloh shows his clients. Don't let his modest prices fool you. Seriously the best massage I've ever had, because he goes beyond the normal muscle knots and helps you work on the root causes of muscle maladies. Can't recommend highly enough.

- W Jeffreys 01/03/17

Miloh is great

It's clear he's well-trained and has a desire to give attention to his clients' needs. I will certainly be back!

- Blake Christensen 12/27/16

Competent Professional

He has a very pleasant and engaging personality and his hands have a real talent. Seems to find exactly the right spot and do exactly the right thing to make a difference. Certainly will include him in my list of people to keep on my list to visit regularly.

- Lee Burnham 12/17/16

Milo does a great massage

We works the body very well and feels where you are having issues. He is a wonderful and intuitive LMT

- Tim Beagley 12/16/16


Nobody has been able to work my muscles so well as Miloh. Top rated professional right here. :)

- Marshall Keith 12/08/16

Fantastic massage!

I had my first of what will hopefully be many sessions with Miloh. He has the touch! I have found it difficult to find a therapist who goes beyond technique and connects on a level that healing happens. I am glad I found Miloh. His multi-morality approach took away many months of built up tension and stress. As an added bonus he is the most affordable therapist I know of in Utah! Thanks Miloh!

- Arno 11/17/16

Kelly's review

Miloh is an exceptional therapist. In the session he proves to be both dominant on tense muscles while at the same time soothing in touch, so that there is no sensory overload. I will say that this was the most complete massage I have had. I definitely recommend Milo to those seeking relief from tense muscles. I'm sold on the great technic.

- Kelly Milne 10/24/16

Deep Tissue Massage

Was impressed with his style and knowledge. Gave a great massage with good pressure. Enjoyed it enough that I have booked another massage for next week.
Rick 10/12/16

- Rick Hackford 10/12/16

Professional massage therapist

Milo was amazing! I have been needing a massage for a while, my back has been tied up in knots.. He was very professional and the massage technique was perfect. I. highly recommend him.

- Aaron M 10/11/16

Best massage therapist ever!

Carson is very professional, and very knowledgeable about every kind of massage therapy. He caters to my needs, and helps a lot with my long term injuries. He is someone I would definitely recommend to anyone that is in need of a good massage, and someone that might have trigger point injuries. He is one of the best massage therapists I have ever had.

- Alisha Barlow 10/11/16

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