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Love & Comfort

I have found comfort in Heidi during times of anxity and stress. She has given me beautiful insight, support and encouragement. The messages that you have given me, truly resignant to me, thank you for your direction and clarity. Your messages are very clear and speak very loudly. Thank you sharing your wonderful gifts with me, I truly love you!!

- Lisa Smith 08/04/14


I have had numerous long distance treatments from Heidi. She is treating me for fatigue and chronic pain . The healing sessions were beautiful .. I felt angel embraces and embraced by white light . They have been very powerful and rewarding . God has given Heidi the healing touch .. A gift which I'm glad she has chosen to share . I would recommend her to anyone and will be continuing my sessions with her ! Thank you Heidi for all you are doing for me ! 🌻

- Deborah Lind 07/24/14