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healing session with Kelly

I had the privilege of receiving a session with Kelly yesterday. The healing that came through her has assisted me greatly in transforming an old wound and belief, and centering more fully in authentic self. It was a beautiful, loving experience and a true gift. I am filled with gratitude.

- White Lotus Relationship Coach 09/10/15

Always Stellar

I've been working with Kelly for what must be a little over a year now and not only has she proven to be a talented healer but also a key confidant and inspiration in my spiritual journey. I would definitely recommend her to everybody!

- Christopher Hayzel 07/28/15

Amazing healer

Kelly has amazing gifts of healing and insight. She can tune in with precision to my needs and offer valuable counsel as well as energy balancing that have helped me through difficult situations and made me stronger.

- Susan Vinson 05/09/15

A true Healer

I've seen Kelly a few times while in CA to deal with my wife's passing. She has helped me to open my eyes and better understand myself. She has changed my life and I'm eternally grateful to her. Kelly is a true healer!

- MARK MERITHEW 04/30/15

Incredibly intuitive healer!

I have never met anyone like Kelly. She is really able to see what's going on inside a person. I felt very comfortable with her the very first session. Ending each session playing crystal bowls on each of the chakras and feeling the vibrational energy pulsing through my body is amazing and very healing.

- Raeann Koerner 04/25/15

Great session!

Kelly had a great sense of what I was needing. She was able to find a perfect balance between informing me of what was currently working for me and areas that needed more attention. Once I was on the table I felt the old patterns unwinding and different more beneficial energies start to emerge. Overall it was a beautiful experience and I plan on returning to deepen this healing.

- Steven Jansma 03/25/15

Very interesting

I really enjoyed my first conversation with Kelly. She provided me with interesting and somewhat unusual information about myself.

- Diana Killy 03/24/15


I'm glad that I've met her, she's Great in what she does for humanity.

- Jeanny Lee 03/15/15

Continuing Clarity

My sessions with Kelly continue to open layers of clarity for me.
Each session brings a deeper Aha and specific direction for my
path and my health on all levels.
I am so grateful to receive these insights, they are great gifts.
Thank you so much Kelly

- Oceanna Kiddie 03/01/15

Working with Kelly has changed my life! :)

I have been working with Kelly for about 6 months. The combination of her intuitive guidance and Reiki have been a powerful learn/release experience for me. I have moved mountains during our time together - more so than I ever accomplished in "traditional" therapy situations.

If you are ready, Kelly WILL change your life!

- Pamela Robins 02/26/15

Session with Kelly

Thank you for the validation & guidance you offered + suggestions you provided to me to allow for me to have greater insight into my own energy space. It was calming to spend time in discussion with you. Thanks!

Love & Light

- Isabella 02/22/15

The amazing Journey

I had my first session with Kelly yesterday and it was like nothing else I have ever experienced ever... I'm looking forward to going back soon... It was AWESOME..

- Lou Ozonko 01/21/15

Thank you

Dear Kelly,
I wanted to wait a week or more after my appointment with you:) Thank you for making me feel so safe and comfortable...I am delighted to say that I have stopped smoking now for 6 days and it was easy. I have had two dates with a super confident man and not normally the kind of guy I date...which to me is a huge breakthrough in my own self confidence which is what our session was about....thank you so much xooxo

- Paula Shields 01/12/15

Life transformed

Kelly is a beautiful and loving soul. She helped me to identify the angst and pain that I didn't realize I was still carrying around with me. She helped me to realize it was there and then to release it in the most loving way. I am forever grateful and will be coming back to see Kelly when I am ready.

- Jennifer Granger 01/05/15

Thanks Kelly

Amazing. Absolutely amazing. Enlightening. Educational. Powerful.
Thank you Kelly!

- Nia Peeples 12/21/14

First Session

Extraordinary Healer. I expected it to meet my needs and the experience went beyond what I could have imagined. She is very gifted and does the "work" with love and compassion. I was familiar with her having heard 2 small group presentations.

- Diane Lenkin 11/25/14


Kelly was AMAZING! She is a true gift to all she touches! This world needs more just like her!
I had a beautiful, life changing experience! God Bless her!

- Garla Gimlin 11/15/14

a life-changing journey ~

Working with Kelly has brought me into alignment with my life and has given me the tools to follow my path and purpose with clarity. Clearing away negative emotions, resistance, fear, she helps you to help yourself. Her guidance and intuition are a gift and a blessing.

- Karal Gregory 10/30/14

a transformational experience

Kelly is an amazingly gifted healer. Her beautiful open heart and ability to read both your body and soul is unmatched. My session with Kelly happened to be done during an eclipse which we feel intensified the power of the universe to intercede and create a pretty incredible experience. We were both buzzing with the healing power that entered the room; I felt as if I were going to elevate right off the table.
Kelly is incredibly wise, powerful and compassionate. In addition to her healing ability, she also explains the scientific side of universal energy, which allowed me to get a better picture of how I can heal my self. She changed my life. I am eternally grateful.

- Debbie Armond 10/28/14

What an AMAZING healing experience

OMG - I can't put into words about the most amazing session with Kelly. She is truly a gift to us all.

Thank you Kelly.

- Marcelino Saiz 10/21/14

Kelly Schwefel

The experience with Kelly went straight to my heart. I have no words to describe how deep she has touched my being.

- Coline Tabrum 10/21/14


Many people told us that treating with Kelly had a life changing effect on them.
My husband and I experienced her healing last Friday and we are absolutely convinced that she is a magnificent soul with enormous gift!
Her presents is very powerful and the wisdom of her soul reveal so much!
She is one of the best healers we ever experienced, THANK YOU!

- Sevina Altanova 09/14/14

LOVE Kelly!

Kelly and I have been working together for a while and she has helped me to clear my emotional adoption issues (abandonment stuff), emotional baggage from life, and enhanced my overall spiritual development and growth. I have been to numerous healers throughout my life, (not limited to reiki) and no one holds a candle to Kelly. Not to mention she's a very fun woman who is charming and easy going.

- Caity FitzGerald 09/11/14

Reiki Master Extraordinaire

I have the very good fortune to be a client of Kelly Schwegel. Kelly is extremely gifted, talented, caring, compassionate, insightful, brilliant and very adept at helping a person release energy blockages and it's accompanying and uncomfortable strongholds of physical and emotional pains. Kelly's work has immensely helped me to improve physical, emotionally and spiritually.
I contribute a lot of my transformation and feeling good and energized directly to the wonderful, skillful and caring work of Kelly. Kelly indeed is a True Master, wise, gentle and effective Practitioner.

- George Zeske 09/08/14

A great session with Kelly!

Illuminating the energy channels and clearing the blockages, Kelly was very intuitive, creative and powerful.... A fun adventure together. I look forward to the next session.

- Robert Goddard 08/14/14

A session with Kelly

Kelly brings out the best in me!

- Linda Damesek 08/14/14