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Lauren is an incredible healer on so many levels! Just in 3 sessions with her, my heart, mind, body, and spirit have been uplifted, shifted, and cleared. She has helped remind me of my truest beautiful essence and life purpose, all with the sweetest and simplest grace. Can't wait for more to come with her! It would serve EVERYONE to see Lauren:)

- Christabeth Ingold 01/06/15

Truly Gifted

I've been with diabetes type II for many years taking insulin. After seeing Lauren a few times, I noticed that the amount needed reduced by 30%. I had heard that once on insulin one should be resigned to be on it for ever (words from my doctor). Many healers are gifted with intuition, Lauren has that gift, AND she uses it as a means not an end, to help remove barriers which lead to healing. I bought a package and it was well worth it. 👍😀

- Stephen Scott 11/06/14


I have worked with many people over the years, I feel that these people have been some of the top in the United States and potential in the world. When I have a choice I choose to do my metaphysical growth as quickly and elegantly as possible. As we all know why focuses are to have more fun and consciously create your success. Lauren easily and elegantly helps remove blockages so that you can for fill all your happiness love and relationships and dreams.

- Brent Bottelsen 09/26/14

So Thankful.

I am so blessed to have found Lauren. She has changed my life in many, many ways. My relationship with my partner and myself has deepened on so many levels, that the changes have been quantum. One of the most amazing parts of working with Lauren, has been to also witness the changes in my family. I have seen them working through their own barriars much more honestly and elloquently. Is it me? Or is it them? A combination of both, I am sure. Lauren is able to see things clearly and objectively, dig out old beliefs, and remove them with ease. I am in such gratitude for her, and the difference she is making in the world. Thank you.

- Janelle Odair 09/09/14

A safe person to help you.

Lauren was the warm, safe place I needed to land in. She is compassionate, patient and highly skilled. We did a lot of emotional clearing in an hour. She is intuitive and can move quickly. I appreciated that very much.

- Sophia Zoe 08/24/14

Lauren is highly intuitive, nurturing and AMAZING!

I am so grateful to have had the pleasure of meeting Lauren and working with her! She is able to pinpoint very specific areas from my past and guide individuals to release and clear old emotional blockages. I have seen Lauren in person and via phone and after the sessions my heart feels very expansive and an overwhelming sense of inner peace. Thank you Lauren!

- Michelle Alva 06/09/14

Lauren Garofalo is the REAL DEAL!

Healers sometimes need healers. Being a healer myself, I am very particular about who I allow to work with me. Lauren has a powerful gift of emotional detective work…emotions are complex and sometimes it can be difficult to pin-point precisely what is standing in our way. Lauren is able to effectively utilize her awesomely powerfully Intuition combined with the beautiful modality of Heart Wall creating DEEP healing for those who are authentically ready for the next level of their spiritual/emotional evolution. Thank-you Lauren for being such a sublime catalyst for allowing my Heart to open even further!!

- David Kennet 05/27/14

Lauren is the fountain of youth!

I recently had a healing with Lauren , I'm a repeat customer and each time I go, something new is revealed. The tangible results are that I feel happier and therefore I look less stressed/younger. After the healing the depression I had been feeling was Gone and didn't come back! :) I have never felt calmer and happier, actually found myself singing! She then asked about my sciatica and I was at a loss for a second as it was gone the last time Lauren worked on me, it went away and I had forgotten about it. Thank you Lauren! I will be back! You are truly gifted!

- Dana Flynn 05/16/14

This healer does important work!

I was surprised to discover how almost effortless it was to release blocked emotions and energy through my sessions with Lauren. I have had a few sessions so far, and experienced crying, deep releasing, and energy shifiting. Ever since working with her, I have felt myself operating on a new level. Those energetic blocks that used to keep me confided to a little box of what my emotional/spiritual/mental world was, have lifted like a veil and I am seeing new horizons. I really look forward to working with Lauren more...the results have been apparent and I can see healing sessions with Lauren many times over in the future.

- Rowan Lovejoy 05/12/14

Lauren's healing work will change your life

I am SO VERY GRATEFUL to have found Lauren!!! After only three sessions thus far, she has cleared dozens of past emotional, psychic, inherited and physical energies I didn't even know I was carrying.
I have worked with other healers for YEARS and in one month with Lauren, I really feel like I've shed what was holding me back from my full potential and truly living and loving life.

I am less anxious, less fearful of life and love, more confident and more motivated. I am more connected to my life and career purpose, fully able to speak my truth, I'm going out and being more social, and I already feel my relationships improving. I also physically feel better and more energetic as she cleared blocks in my adrenals and nervous system.

I found myself experiencing the same negative patterns in relationships, and I really believe it was due to the trapped negative energy and beliefs I was carrying from a difficult past and childhood. Whether you understand energy work or not, you can and will benefit so much from it.

Lauren combines energy work with her intuitive gifts, as well as Reiki practice for an incredibly powerful healing that 10 years in therapy couldn't accomplish. She truly is a gifted vessel, and you will be so glad you crossed paths with her!!

- Jami Baade 05/08/14

A Special Gift

I have had chronic back pain for over a decade. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars, and visited doctors and healers from around the world pursuing treatment. Nothing has worked. After four sessions with Lauren, I experienced more relief than at any other time in the last ten years. Her work is deep, and she is an incredibly intuitive healer. It may not be like anything you've done before, but trust the process, and let her do what she does - heal.

- Sean Carasso 05/06/14


Lauren is TRULY amazing. I've worked with many healers and counselors and with Lauren I know I've found something that will truly make the difference I've been looking for. I was at a point of feeling frustrated and discouraged because I've tried so many things and yet I keep finding myself in the same place facing the same heartache and challenges. And then I found Lauren. After just two sessions I already feel different and 4 people (including my boss) have commented on the difference in my energy-they can't quite pinpoint what it is, but they've mentioned that I seem calmer and more at ease in general. And, this is only the beginning. Lauren is very gentile, patient and truly magical in that she's a powerful healer but also a wonderful listener and incredibly intuitive. I'm really looking forward to the rest of this journey of healing!

- Jen T 05/01/14