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Overall Rating: 5.0

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Very intuitive

I can't believe the relief in my jaw and shoulders, I clench my teeth when I sleep and it creates a lot of tension all down my neck. Daniel is not only skilled but also has remarkable intuition, he seems to get a real sense of what your body needs and knows exactly what to do about it.

- Rock Shum 11/05/17


Daniel works magic! Like, for real magic.

- Simrel Achenbach 10/10/17

Im a convert

Daniel is an absolutely gifted body worker. I am a long-time connoisseur of massage therapy, and can honestly say he's converted me from being a die-hard deep tissue massage fan to craniosacral. I leave a session with him feeling grounded, balanced, relaxed and pain-free.

- Martina Salisbury 09/28/17

It works.

Helps tremendously with my chronic migraines. Before I used to get them at least twice a week. Now I get regular treatments and can go for weeks without a headache. Very effective.

- Nicole Cornell 08/18/17

Thank You!

I came to Daniel for help for my long-term sciatic pain. I'd tried many other things including massage, chiropractors, steroids, physical therapy, etc. I had some short term relief but nothing lasting. Daniel was able to pinpoint the issue and resolve it over the course of several treatments. Im happily pain-free for 6 weeks now. Thank you!

- Christopher Ray 07/08/17

A lifesaver

I struggled with insomnia on and off for 8 months. After my first treatment with Daniel I slept like a baby the very first night! Another few sessions later my insomnia disappeared completely. I'm a convert!

- Joshua Reynolds 05/04/17

Top Notch

I've been to many professional healers and massage therapists all over the world. Daniel is truly up there at the top, having a great understanding of the body, mind and soul and how they all interact. Daniel is a rare breed of professional with great passion for his work, skill and art at his craft, and empathy for his clientele.

- Sabine Tucker 04/28/17

Super work

Daniel was very skilled at finding the sources of tension in my body and working on them to get the tension out. I'd never tried Craniosacral therapy before and was really impressed with the results.

- Debbie Armstrong 04/02/17

Incredible Treatment

Daniel was absolutely amazing!! I had terrible head/neck/shoulder and lower back pain. In 90 minutes, I felt transformed! I will definitely be returning soon and would encourage those with pain to see him.

- Erin Levy 03/15/17


Professional, experienced and a pleasure to work with. Feeling so relaxed and relieved of neck and shoulder strain today. I will certainly return next time I have an issue, which hopefully wont be too soon.

- Peter Rojas 02/26/17