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Overall Rating: 5.0

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Phone session

I have had a few readings over the phone now and each have been wonderful. So insightful and truly a joy to speak with. Corrine is an amazingly talented woman with a beautiful gift.

- Brooke Rivera 09/18/17

Great first reading

I spoke with Corinne for the first time yesterday and she was great. I had her do a tarot reading. Between the cards and her gift of sight/intuition the reading was spot on. She gave me a lot to think about and eased my anxiety about some up coming changes. I already refereed a friend and will plan on speaking with her again in the future.

- Heather Wilde 04/15/15

I left feeling changed

That's the whole point, isn't it; visit a medium/psychic and leave with something more than you went in? I expected that. I didn't expect to leave feeling completely changed. Corinne hit all the marks. Every reason for my visit was addressed in a manner that was easy for me to follow, with as little flourish as possible. Corinne told it like it is, while simplifying things, to make sure I understood. I haven't had much loss in my life, and have been able to come to terms with that in which I have, so it was refreshing to not have her point out the elephant in the room (my father who has passed) that I was purposely avoiding. We went over what I wanted to, not what would make me "ooh and ahh" over her abilities (which I still did, btw). I went in nervous and left feeling comfortable and relaxed. Seriously, my visit with Corinne was life changing, no exaggeration.

- Kristen Burke 03/26/14

She is the real deal!

I first met with Corinne a few years back, she did a tarot card/life coaching reading for me and my boyfriend. It was wonderful, she was so positive and helped me get out of a horrible funk I was in. I just saw her again a few months ago to do a mediumship session. She was once again, honest, caring and just amazing. She is the real deal! You won't be disappointed!

- Kathleen Sova 01/21/14

Great reading

Had a reading with Corrine. She is great. Told me things that are going on now and the stuff in the future that she said make me believe that it will happen.

Thanks again

- Tricia Vail 01/12/14


This is the second time I was read by Corinne Martin and I would recommend her to anyone. She is amazing, on-point, and offers up solutions and recommendations. She is the entire package. Be it by phone, Skype, or in-person - you will not be disappointed.

- Genevieve Doyle 12/18/13


Professional, intelligent, well versed, to the point, realistic, direct, what else can I say? Corinne has the most amazing talent. She hits it right on the head. Thank you for bring it all "home" to me.

- Rita Danley 12/11/13