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First Myofacial Release Experience

Thoughtful, discreet, kind person. Described Myofacial Release thoroughly and, since it was my first time, I really appreciated it. Very effective and worthwhile experience. Thanks Charlie!

- Amber 02/27/16

The way it should be!

Everyone loves to be taken care of...... To feel safe and be confident that everything will be handled and cared for and comfortable. I was able to experience that the other day with Chalie Wedel. He is confident in what he does and puts you at ease immediately. Being my first time experiencing myofacial release, Charlie took time to find out My needs and concerns, then walked me through each step of the process allowing me to understand what would happen, as well as be a part of the healing process. Not only does he have magic and intuitive hands, he has a very kind, generous and comforting energy. I feel very fortunate to have crossed paths with such a generous and talented caregiver. Two hours went by in 30 seconds ...... I will be back for another 30 seconds soon! I woke up the next day more rested and comfortable in my body than I have in years. Thank you for taking care of me Charlie!

- Rick Farber 08/25/15


Therapeutic and restorative tonic to the muscles and spirit--great massage

- Albert Barosso 04/19/15

Charlie is wonderful

I had a lovely experience working with Charlie. My Low back and L hip are released from pain. My whole body was set free and I have my energy back.
Thank you Charlie, you are wonderful :-) !!!

- Donna Jamesson 04/04/15

Review of Charlie

After just one session of myofascial release with Charlie the osteoarthritis pain in my knees disappeared. The pain has not returned. There is still stiffness but not the pain that was there for months. I would highly recommend sessions with Charlie.

- Sheri Curren Rudolph 12/29/14

Review of Charlie Wedel

Charlie is pure source energy and love incarnate. He's an extraordinary person, a bright light and a talented healer, truly one of the most beautiful people I've met. I highly recommend him as a healer.

- Cynthia Belliveau 12/10/14

Compassionate Healing

I have had the distinct pleasure of being grounded and relaxed at the same time. Charlie has the ability to instinctively understand and manage your energy while relaxing your muscles. He has completed several sessions of Myofacial Release. As an Ex-football player my connective tissues has seen their better days. Charlie is an angel sent from heaven. Now if I can only do Yoga I would be complete. Thank you Charlie.

- David Calvert 10/14/14

Charlie is AWESOME

I've never had a treatment like Charlie's before but had heard great things about him and think he's the sweetest guy ever, so thought I'd give it a try. WOW! It feels good most of the time, but when it doesn't, I know it's because he's working major magic. After the first treatment that I had with him, I was dizzy for 15 minutes or so, and it was because I felt hollow in a way. Not emotionally of course, rather like cavities of me that once housed heavy negativity were now lighter and I felt relaxed and not to be cheesy or melodramatic, reborn and younger! I went to him again yesterday before my reiki session with Kelly and that really complimented the reiki very well. It's like stretching before working out; my body felt more relaxed and ready to do the energy work it needed. Plus, he's so nice and soothing to talk to, it's like free therapy too. Bonus!

- Caity FitzGerald 09/11/14

Super Awesome

Charlie is amazing! He's very intuitive, deep, and giving. Whether it's the first visit or seeing him for about year like me, he makes you feel as though you are his only client. Even when it feels like torture, you still feel the love! I always look forward to my sessions with Charlie.

- Greg Ray 09/03/14