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The Best Guru at Everything She Does....

Ashley is very intuitive and she is, indeed the best massage therapist for my needs. She knows intuitively what to do and where to palpate. Her sessions are filled with wonderful intentions and she is grounded in a way that leaves You feeling grounded and left with a peaceful heart and mind. I’ve had distant readings and in person readings and they both totally resonate with me. Her energy alone is healing; just by being in her presence. I totally recommend getting Body Work and all the goodness she has to offer. You will be left with a sense of peace and a grateful heart. Be Good to Yourself and book with her today! You won’t regret.

- Carrie Leigh Whitaker 07/31/18

Love her!

It's impossible to be stressed around Ashley. She is amazing in many ways, but especially at her craft. She is extremely intuitive and gives the absolutely the best massages. Regular sessions with her have changed my life for the better! Would absolutely recommend!

- Taylor Miller 03/30/17

Amazing Massage

Ashley gave me an incredible 2 hour massage. She is very professional and kind, overall great energy. Her massage was thorough and intuitive to my needs leaving me feeling comfortable and relaxed but rejuvenated afterwards as well. I highly recommend this healer.

- John Byrnes 02/14/17

Best ever

Ahhhhh!!!! I had the pleasure of seeing Ashley several times in the past and I was so excited when she came back east! Do yourself a favor and go see her!!! I need a massage!!!! 😀 And some of your good energy.

- Stephanie 02/01/17

Pure and honest!!

Ash can get into your head and find the things you have needed help with and fix the aches and tension that builds . Listen and relax!!!!

- Joshua Wall 01/29/17