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Zoya Bokhoor Mills

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Thousand Oaks, CA


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My path of healing began after my only son and my husband left our planet in 2004 and 2002.  Now being a healer and a grief coach is my passion.  I received my Coaching Certification at the Greif Coach Academy, certification for the first level of Reiki through the American Reiki Academy in Los Angeles, and the second level through the Heal Centers located in Ojai, California.

Reiki is a form of energy healing that is mainly done by a gentle touch.  Reiki Energy helps open the Chakras and therefor brings a better flow through the body, which in turn helps the client to feel better and relaxed.  When our bodies are open we face our day to day lives with ease and less stress which helps us stay healthier.  By combining coaching in the beginning and at the end of each Reiki Session, the experience is deeper and more profound.  During the conversation peace of the session we look at what has been a problem for the client and through my intuitive guidance and coaching we remove all blocks in different parts of the body.