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Zoey Coley

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Awakening, activation and cleansing, one dreamer at a time!
I provide Dream portal dreamcatchers, Custom Chakra gemstone wraps, tarot readings, oracle readings, dream interpretation, crystal cleansing and activations, astrology reports/charting, shamanic healing & drumming, natural.

I have been a dream interpreter since 11 years of age, I have always been a skilled lucid dreamer navigating various dreamsc apes, recurring dreams, and dream recall since I was a small child. I am a journey guide, ordained medicine woman and healer.

Dream portals allow me to offer tools to dreamers that are beyond what is currently available.
Dreamportal dream catchers are custom designed for the individual to optimize their lucid dreaming experience or meditative state. Your dream portal can be custom designed to open, clear, and activate either your chakras, or something specific you would like to draw into your life.
You can view many custom designs I have done for clients at

Abundant blessings,
Zoey Sunshine