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Ellen Sokolow is a Traditional Reiki Master, Has been working with Reiki since 1982 and teaching since 1984. She is in direct lineage of Usui-Hayashi-Takata-Weber/Latz.
In her quest to find her own healing and peace and share her learning with others, she has practiced and taught Architecture for eleven years, Acupuncture for six, Meditation since 1986, and, of course, daily Reiki for more than thirty-two years.
She is the first Reiki Master to teach in Gaza and the West Bank of Israel during the years before the peace treaties were signed and gathered Reiki classes of German, Israeli, and Palestinian Reiki practitioners in the West Bank and in Israel.
She has taught throughout the Middle East, Mediterranean, Europe and the United States.

In Western and Japanese methods and styles.

Ellen founded the Traditional Reiki Network in 1984, an international organization for Master/Teachers and Practitioners that holds high standards for the training and practice of Reiki. These include First and Second Degree apprenticeships where practitioners work with experienced Masters and practitioners during treatments and classes. It also includes a thorough
Internship for Reiki Master training (3rd Degree) which lasts 1-3 years.
The TRN has documented hundreds of cases using and benefiting from Reiki treatments.
Ellen has taught Reiki in a home for street kids in Tel Aviv, Beit Ashanti; in a women's and children's speech therapy center in Nablus; in a community mental health clinic in Gaza; in a center for people with AIDS in the South Bronx and has volunteered her services for many cancer and AIDS patients and organizations since 1982.

Training in Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Lincoln Hospital Detox Research Clinic in the Bronx, New York where she also studied herbology, vitamin and color therapy, and dietary systems including macrobiotics; she then practiced acupuncture for 6 years before finding Reiki.
Ellen is an Interfaith Minister, ordained & licensed in New York State, performing Interfaith ceremonies  & weddings.

She is currently developing the practice of sharing of a unique bio-replacement for Redox Signaling Molecules!