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Deborah has assisted hundreds to heal on all levels and realize their full potential, by

resolving issues and illnesses at their root through expanding conscious awareness.

She presents classes and workshops nationally on healing, consciousness, and the

human energy field, drawing on 35 years of consciousness studies and meditation

practice and 24 years experience in the holistic health field. The Path of the Healer

Apprenticeship is Deborah's latest initiative. She offers private sessions in TK,

Transformational Kinesiology, massage, and intuitive healing and coaching, at an

office in Amherst Massachusetts.

Her Journey:
Deborah graduated from Stillpoint School of Massage Therapy in 1988, which
her career in holistic health. In 1994, she and her family moved to Sirius, a
spiritual community and non-profit educational center, where they currently reside
and where
she serves as a resident teacher and member of the Core Group or Board
of Directors.
Deborah began teaching in 1999 as co-founder of the Spiritual Living
Course, a six
month program that ran until 2006, and through this began helping
people in a new
way as spiritual counselor and teacher. In 2004, she enrolled in a
training program in
TK, Transformational Kinesiology, and since has become certified
in TK, an integrative
system of healing that sparked her interest due to both the life-
changing results it
offers and the way it integrates her two seemingly separate
passions of holistic healing
and consciousness. Deborah has discovered true healing
occurs through the expansion
of consciousness and takes place on all levels of one's