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I am a passionate advocate of the healing benefits of essential oils. When I’m not busy talking about oils, applying oils, sniffing oils, or researching oils, I am busy wrangling our pride of 5 cats!

Vivian Essentials was created out of my desire to support you in living a healthier and wealthier life by teaching you how to use essential oils and giving YOU the tools to share this “essential knowledge”. I am a proud Young Living Distributor and International Business Developer.

We are located in the beautiful Asheville, North Carolina area.

My love affair with essential oils began in 2007 while working for an acupuncture practice. I witnessed first-hand the apparent magic essential oils worked on patients suffering from many maladies such as; cancer, chemotherapy issues, skin conditions, digestive complaints, and emotional trauma.

Why do I do what I do?? Because I have a burning desire to help people live healthier lives, to eliminate toxic chemicals from their everyday reality, to crush the use of pharmaceuticals by introducing the balancing and healing properties of essential oils.  I want to educate, to uplift, to bring hope, and to bring, most of all, love into the lives of my fellow humans (and our gracious and unconditionally loving fur babies).

I do what I do because I know this work is important. It is so important that it must be shared until every home uses essential oils and with these oils you can “Heal Thyself”.