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Visions by JDR is in honor of my two boys JD (James) and Richard.  In 1989 JD was diagnosed with a rare brain disorder called Leukodystrophy, (in 2000 Vanishing White Matter).  His brother was born in 1990 with the same disorder.  JD passed on in 1993 and that's when I started looking for alternative therapies.  The doctors told me to take them home and make them comfortable.  There was nothing they could do.  As I was waiting for some prints for a fundraiser that we were doing for my boys I happened to go into a Metaphysical store.  In that store I found a card that said "Reiki"  I called the number,  had a couple of treatments and then took the first level.  That was the beginning of my journey.  I kept going to classes and learning as much as I could in my spare time.

I am now a Reiki Master/Teacher and a Licensed Massage Therapist.  Reflexology, Bach Flower Essences, Aromatherapy, Certified Colon Hydro-therapist, Dowsing, Munay-Ki, Ion Foot Detox, just to name a few things that I have studied. I am also a BARS Facilitator and Body processor for Access Consciousness.

In 1999 I found a building and opened my healing center.  In 2005, I added the retail store and started to host and teach classes.  In a few more years I started organizing a yearly Holistic Fair.  I continue to learn, teach and host.

What a wonderful journey this has been and what is your next journey?????