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Namaste beautiful soul!

I have experienced massive breakthroughs in my life by raising my own consciousness, and I am here to help others do the same. Our lives, our decisions and our actions are soul (inner self) driven, as such my mission, my purpose is to spread enlightened awareness throughout the planet. It is time we as humanity know who we truly are within, so that our profound inner wisdom helps us make extraordinary decisions to live extraordinary lives!

Spiritual Mentoring

Spiritual growth and transition is an ongoing journey and you don’t need to be in any particular path to have a Spiritual Mentor.

As a Spiritual Mentor, healer and intuitive, I guide and assist you through the process of shifting your consciousness (mindsets, belief systems, perspectives), from one place to another, so that you are able to really go into the depths of your spirit, into to the depths of your soul and
have an opportunity to shift where you are unsatisfied to a place where you experience the pleasures in life that you would like to have.

Why me?

I have over a decade of practicing and teaching energy healing modalities, and I am one of 25 people in the United States trained to access Universal Intelligence, the most effective way of shifting energy and clearing limiting beliefs from a core, root cause level.

By integrating energy healing modalities, connecting with Universal Intelligence and tapping into your subconscious mind (where our belief system resides) and your super conscious mind/higher self (where our truth resides) I am able to provide you the divine messages from your soul space to guide you so that you go through the process yourself of having realizations and you can clear old blocks/beliefs, become aware of You and clear the recurring patterns and recurring behavior which sabotage or get in the way, and move yourself into an entirely new space to create the reality you desire.

Why now?

Everyone needs answers, direction and wisdom to make the best possible decisions in life and be in alignment with purpose. People struggle in all areas of life, because they are without the right answers, without truth. Beyond the mind lies a profound ability to tune into the very truth of any human being. Allow me to be the guiding light, drawing on infinite intelligence to propel your life forward.

No matter where you are in life, no matter how far you have come and accomplished in every aspect of your life, there is always more. The universe is vast, and so are we. We are meant to be limitless…infinitely expanding.

Explore the possibilities of living in grace...fearlessly with an open heart. Through the discovery of your hidden beliefs and attachments, you can identify and remove the obstacles to living a life of peace, ease and incredible joy! With judgment free, divine guidance, unconditional acceptance you can find your way back to the truth of your magnificence!

Holistic Health Practitioner/Teacher

Holistic healthcare is a system of comprehensive patient care that considers the physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs of the person and has been used for thousands of years in ancient healing practices which is just beginning to be recognized in mainstream medical practice as a broad view of patient care. The belief is that people are a collected whole, being affected by both the physical and mental aspects of life, and each of these areas shapes who a person is and, inadvertently, affects their health.
I facilitate mind-body-spirit workshops with a focus on Energy Healing using several modalities including:

Reiki (Master Teacher)
Pranic Healing
DNA Cell(f) Imagery Activation/Transformation - Belief Systems
Energy (Chakra) Balancing
Guided meditation

On a more personal note...

I enjoy hiking, yoga, gemology/crystals, beading/making jewelry, dancing, singing, boating, travel, the beach, sunsets, labyrinth walks, meditation, learning, growing, loving, connecting and experiencing all the goodness life has to offer! Life is beautiful and amazing...the Universe is filled with mystery and magic...what a blessing it is to be a part of the "All" :)