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Jason Meinhart Lmt

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Salt Lake City, UT


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I'm an advocate for natural healing. I loved school because it was both fascinating and it helped me learn ways in which the body heals itself. I graduated top of my class with 4.0 grades from U.C.M.T. in Salt Lake City.           I'm passionate about my work, and it shows. I've worked for chiropractic physicians, the U of U women's gymnastics, and private clientele working on injuries, fatigue, cramps, aches and pains, as well as basic soothing and relaxing, swedish massage.
My company, Valley Mobile Massage, LLC, specializes in bringing all of my knowledge and equipment to you in order to provide sessions in the most comfortable space I can think of, your space.
So, whether you are working, playing, or at home, I can bring the healing touch of Massage to you.

(Please note that I am a mobile therapist and not on call. I need to ensure everyone gets the same care, therefore I provide same day service at additional cost.)