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Jane Smolnik

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Asheville, NC


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I am a doctor of Natural Medicine, Holistic Iridologist, Certified Intuitive Healer, and Light Therapist.  I photograph the eyes using a microscope and digital camera to ascertain the genetic strengths, health of organs, tissues, glands, toxicity, and current pathology.  I also use clinical kinesiology to test specific nutritional, emotional, structural, or chemical deficiencies or needs and put together a personalized, recommended health program for each individual.  I also do Emotion Code work healing to identify and release trapped emotions, blocked energy, 'heart walls'.  My deep interest in helping people heal is going deeper, what I call Soul Healing.  I work by accessing the Akashic records (your complete Soul's records) and connect with your own Masters, teachers, and loved ones to compassionately guide you to some clarity and beautiful, deeper healing.  My practice is in Asheville, NC, but I also work with folks long distance over the phone.  Please visit my website at: for more info!