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Tracy McCabe

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Media, PA


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I have been practicing massage therapy for about 7 years now after attending and graduating from Chubb Institute (now known as Anthem Institute) in 2008. I started my career doing small gigs and local chair events around the area before finding my first full time massage job at a spa in Broomall PA. While there, my specialties consisted of mostly Swedish and Hot Stone Massage. I was employed there for about 2.5 years before giving a chiropractor's office in Media PA a chance and finding simultaneous employment at the local casino in Chester, PA doing chair massage for the poker players. In November of 2013, I began renting my own office to supplement my income with that of the Chiropractor's office while also trying to grow my own business.

Massage therapy as a career has been a great fit for my personality because I have always had a natural tendency to care for and help others whether it be medically, emotional therapy/support, helping to inspire them in life, etc. Being a Licensed Massage Therapist is so rewarding to me because as I always say, "Massage is not only relaxing/therapeutic for the client, but also for the massage therapist." At the end of every massage session, I am given a sense of being at peace, feeling accomplished, and happy if I know that I brought relief to another person even if only in a small sometimes temporary way.