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Tracie Eaves

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Hello! My name is Tracie and I am a Reiki Master Practitioner. I started doing Reiki in hopes alleviating the chronic pain I experienced from Fibromyalgia. Not only was I able to stop taking pharmaceutical pain medications, I also found a spiritual calling. The more I practiced Reiki the better I felt in all areas of my life. I added crystal healing to my practice and it has enhanced it so much. More than anything, I want to share the healing benefits of Reiki and crystals with others. I feel that it is my soul's purpose to share the gifts I've discovered.

Reiki is an energy healing system for relaxation that channels life force energy, that is constantly surrounding us, through the practitioner to the client for their highest good. While no results can be guaranteed, many people have experienced profound benefits from Reiki Sessions. Reiki can help ease many physical or emotional issues and realign the Chakras to help the body heal itself through its own energy centers.

Reiki transcends time and space. It is the life force energy that surrounds us at all times. Advanced Reiki Practitioners have the ability to channel this energy from a distance using their training, intent, and the sacred symbols that are part of the Usui Reiki system. The energy can be channeled across the room or across the country.

Crystal and gemstones carry their own unique vibrations.  I believe that their vibrations can stimulate our own in a way that can manifest particular benefits in our lives.  Crystal work wonderfully compliments Reiki and I enjoy combining the modalities.  Although the healing properties of crystals and stones have not been scientifically proven, they have been used for thousands of years by many different cultures.   While it is my personal belief that the metaphysical properties subscribed to the crystals/gemstones I use in sessions are accurate, they cannot be proven or guaranteed.