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Theresa Guinasso

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Bay Area, CA
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Would you like to feel empowered and on a positive path to your personal growth and well-being?

I believe we all have the power within us to make changes, heal and grow. Sometimes, it just takes a little help and insight fromĀ another person to move us in a positive direction.

I offer a non-judgmental and safe therapeutic environment where your particular story can unfold at its own pace. I do so through the use of empathy and a sincere interest in your desire for healing and change.

Together, we will challenge the thoughts and behaviors getting in the way of your desired growth. We will work as a team to uncover past, present and future strengths and resources to help develop strategies and tools to move forward in strength and self-reliance.

Taking into consideration your temperament and issues, I customize a personalized counseling approach, borrowing from many different theories and utilizing various techniques such as talk therapy, art exploration, and cognitive behavior therapy.

If you are ready to participate in life in a new way, I would be honored to go on that journey with you.

Please call or email me for a Teen, Adult or Couples Counseling consultation today. Please inquire if a sliding scale appointment is required.