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Alexander Dunlop

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I am a life priest.

Through my work, you find the clarity and inspiration you need to live your true purpose.  I have been trained as a Roman Catholic priest, initiated as a Swami while living in ashrams in India, and my ongoing growth comes in the indigenous traditions of North and South America.

I am the founder of the non-profit organization The Center of Spiritual Nutrition.  Our mission is to offer the nourishment we need to live as human beings.  We aim to correct the profound problem of spiritual malnutrition in our western culture.  The symptoms of spiritual malnutrition include stress, anxiety, depression, unhappiness, sleeplessness, self-medicating etc.  These are all the symptoms that arise when we are disconnected from our Source.

The tool I use to connect people to the Source of their true purpose is the Book of Life, aka the ordinary deck of playing cards.  The deck of cards is actually the ancient Book of Life, hidden in plain sight.  We can read our life path in these 'cards' and then we can 'play our cards right.'

I am a Harvard graduate and former Wall Street Consultant.

Our website is