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Shira Hunt

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I am a Vibrational Medicine Teacher and Therapist.  I learned this work through the process of healing myself in 2000 when the medical institutions told me that I had to amputate my right lower leg after a severe car accident.  I was a nurse at the time, so I fully understood the depth of the trauma.   I refused amutation and requested the bones be realigned.  I had an open wound in the front of my lower leg where the bones had been pushed out of my body with the impact of the crash.  After six months of no healing I was told that my time was up and I had to amputate because they were stopping the ATB that had kept me from getting infection in the wound.  I asked for one more month in my research I found frequency therapy.  That began a 2 year journey back to good health for me.  My leg began to respond to the frequency wave pattern set in alignment with bone tissue (7 to 15hz) and after 2 years of entrainment I had enough bone growth to stand on my leg again and begin the process of re-learning to walk.
As a Practitioner of frequency therapy I use Voice Printing to visualize your personal frequency patterns.  I am able to see your frequencies on a graph and that is used to create a treatment process to bring the body back into harmonic resonance with a clear and vibrant electromagnetic field (aura). I use a powerful set of tools - crystal instruments in treatment, combining them with harmonics to realign the body to a healthy resonance, promoting a dna upgrade to the crystaline status.  A personal CD is created for the client to listen to daily to set the new frequency alignment and upgrade the DNA to reflect the original spiritual blueprint.  Clients are taught how to release the old processes that have kept them out of alignment. This is a cutting edge scientifically proven process using frequency in the sound forum.
My desire is to empower each and every client to learn how to do thier own frequency work to maintain a healthy vibrant body and to help them align with thier purpose on this planet to find and fully express thier reason for being here!!!