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Shannon Assells

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Sacramento, CA


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I specialize in pain management using Neuromuscular Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy and a host of other modalities. My focus is in blending a western approach with an eastern mentality to address pain management and tension relief.

On top of my certification and training in massage therapy I have an additional certification in Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy from the National Holistic Institute. This modality is a form of Medical Massage. With it I have gained an in depth knowledge of assessment, anatomy, pathology and mechanisms of injury. Not only does it prepare me to address serious injuries such as whiplash or ACL tears, it emphasizes how our daily activities can impact our bodies and contribute to myofascial pain and dysfunction. This style of massage is ideal for those dealing with chronic pain, migraines, TMJ dysfunction, persistent low back pain, post-injury recovery, increasing range of motion in performance in sports and much more. My bodywork is highly individualized for every client because every client's body has different needs. I blend my knowledge of numerous modalities in order to get the most effective body work while keeping my client's history and comfort in mind.

My work is highly focused and due to the time and patience required for effective bodywork full body massage is not recommended in these cases. I charge by hour, not by service so please do not be shy about asking to incorporate or blend modalities. Also note that although appreciated, I will not be accepting gratuity as I believe what I do is health care and not a luxury service.