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Rehmannia Dean Thomas

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Rehmannia Dean Thomas isĀ  a Taoist tonic Herbalist in the 5000 year old Gate of Life lineage, and is known for creating products for spiritual enhancement containing reishi mushroom. He specializes in general health maintenance and prevention, as well as fertility, metabolism, spiritual empowerment, longevity, adaptability, and mental clarity.

Rehmannia offers personal "tongue and pulse" consultations, and creates custom whole-herb formulations for his clients. He charges $40 for the consult and formula. He offers this low price as a public service. His private by-appointment-only herb parlor is in Upland CA.

Rehmannia is creator and president of Shaman Shack herbs, Inc., and has created the first online course on Tonic Herbalism,

He has written the book Healing Thresholds, and a fictional novel, The Hsien. His book Raw Chi will be released in October 2014 on North Atlantic Books.

He can be reached at