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Matthew Toussaint

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Matthew Toussaint is a multi-disciplinary shaman, artist, and ceremonial leader.  For the past 12 years he has immersed himself in spiritual practice and exploration, with a focus on shamanism in the modern world.  He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Cultural Anthropology, where he conducted original and award-winning ethnographic research on contemporary spirituality.  Since 2008 he has exclusively trained with Master Ayahuasca & Cannabis Shaman Hamilton Souther in a variety of shamanic disciplines.  He has led 100’s of ceremonies, journeys and healing sessions, for both groups and individuals.  He currently serves as a Master Guide with Modern Shamanism and BMC Shaman.  He is also trained as a vision fast guide and is pioneering shamanic hip-hop as Shamanix.

* Emotional cleansing and balancing
* Energy healing
* Spiritual guidance
* Releasing unwanted energy
* Cleansing residue from the past
* Releasing energetic or spiritual blockages
* Spiritual protection
* Healing relationship issues
* Power animal and spirit guide retrieval
* Personal growth and development
* Soul retrieval sessions
* Shamanic healing
* Wilderness sessions
* Space cleansing

Matt's practice is Shamanic Evolution - dedicated to the empowerment, transformation, and the advancement of consciousness through ancient tools and ways of knowing.  He is passionate about sharing these tools, practices and knowledge in hopes of supporting others with an opportunity to live a life fulfilled and inspired in every way.  Shamanic Evolution offers a unique blend of traditional and modern shamanism practices that helps to engender spiritual connection, healing, guidance, enchantment, knowledge, and ultimately lives filled with meaning.

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