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Marilyn D'Andrea

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Chicago, IL


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Nestled between the hot West Loop and East Village neighborhoods, Chicagoans in search of Pilates and Yoga private lessons and group classes have discovered a true gem. Owner Marilyn D'Andrea opened Sana Vita Studio Pilates and Yoga in June 2004.

We have created a beautifully serene and unintimidating environment for providing high quality bodywork for people of all ages and physical condition.

"Contrology", the original name of the method created by Joseph Pilates, is more than just exercise. His desire was for the method to be understood as a "return to life", simply by maintaining our physical instrument - our bodies - to the best of our abilities and capabilities. So that we, as a human species, can function better, and live better lives.

Our goal is to not only help you get in better shape with Pilates, Yoga and Yamuna Body Rolling, but to teach you how to exercise properly. We help you understand the link between healthy movement and posture, so ultimately you can improve your overall health and achieve your fitness goals.