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Kristen Eykel

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Agoura Hills, CA

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"More addictive than a Vicoden (in a good way)…..If you are just a neurotic mess, the soothing incantations of this model- beautiful instructor with 20 years experience in Shamanism, Reiki and Kundalini could calm even the suicidal." LA Weekly BEST of LA quote

Kristen Eykel CHt. - Spiritual teacher, dynamic public speaker & author of Planning for Success - a Six Week Planner Harnessing the Science of Yoga to Help You Recreate Your Life, Set Your Goals, and Manifest Your Intentions , Kristen has honed her unique skills in Meditation, Shamanism, Energy work & Yogic Science for the past 25 years to develop her successful healing practice, The Definition Technique or Personal Discovery through Energetic Alignment.

Since 2002, Kristen has taken yoga out of the studio and into the homes for millions. Creator of 6 Yoga DVDs, including the best seller, “Yoga for your Pregnancy” made with Yoga Journal & Lamaze, she has been featured in and on the cover of Yoga Journal, Fit Pregnancy, Health Magazine and other publications for her expertise. A dynamic public speaker and frequent guest contributor for Voice America Radio Network, she has been a TV Host for decades, including My Own Time for The Oprah Winfrey Network.

In 2014, she founded Sacred Circle Teachings - a physical & spiritual Yoga, Hypnosis & Reiki training academy devoted to empowering the teachers of tomorrow with the sacred knowledge of all time. From creating Transformational Birth, to alleviating PTSD and pre-birth trauma, Kristen's personal mission is uniting the world in joyous Soul awareness and conscious evolution for all.