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Sacha Prescott

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Sacha Prescott has been a Rolfer for twelve years and a yoga teacher for over twenty.  A northern California native, Sacha has done bodywork and taught movement in San Francisco, Berkeley and Oakland. She has been trained and certified in Rolfing and Rolf Movement, Ashtanga, Bikram and Shadow yoga systems as well as Pilates and GYROTONIC.

Sacha first experienced Rolfing when she was fourteen years old. A severe back injury over fifteen years later reestablished her relationship to Rolfing. She then began sending her yoga students to her Rolfer and witnessed their transformations as well leading her to decide to become a Rolfer herself.

Sacha believes that Rolfing is a cohesive process between client and practitioner and because of this, asks the client for dynamic movement during the session to reeducate the muscles and to enhance body awareness. Her touch is informed and gentle yet deep, always with the clients level of comfort in mind.