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Rhan Aladjem

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Hello. I currently provide treatments through my private studio in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.
I have been connected to and working with plants for a long time. Since childhood I loved exploring the mountains near my home, covered in wild flowers and herbs. As time proceeded our connection and relationship deepened as I established a career as a gardener and Permaculture designer in the SF Bay Area. Eventually my life path fully interlaced with the plant world when I went through my energetic clinical herbalist training at Blue Otter Herbal School, in north CA.
With Plant Spirit Medicine, the work is not only done with the physical properties of plants to support physical healing of the body, but also with the energetic properties (spirit) of plants, to support clients' spiritual and emotional imbalances as well.  Plant Spirit Medicine is a practice which engages plants and people holistically, enabling the many qualities of plants to work dynamically within our lives, inviting greater balance and harmony.
Reiki - I received traditional Reiki training and my practice,since 2009, is mixing traditional reiki with other traditional modalities of energy work, depending on the needs of the receiving being and the flow of the energy.
My goal is to support the unique healing journey of each individual, inviting a greater balance between the mind, body and spirit. Through our individual healing and empowerment, I hope to create a more harmonious, peaceful, and compassionate world.

Some of my clients work with both,  herbs and reiki to optimize the healing process but it is up to you.
The practice is useful for adults and children with acute as well as chronic disorders like digestive, reproductive imbalance, stress, emotional/physical trauma, cancer, before or after surgery, injuries and
I also make spirit herbal and essences formulas for people who want to work on emotional and spirit/soul issues that do not currently have a physical manifestation. These formulas are helpful for either current or old issues.
ALL the medicine is Organic or consciously Wild harvested and made with deep intention and prayers.
I strives to support you through the process of regaining and maintaining personal empowerment as well as healthy conscious living.
My mission is to be of service for ALL so I offer sliding scale option for those in need.
Thanks for your interest and for taking the initiative for your well-being.