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Stacy Hill

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Savannah, GA


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Warmest welcome!  I am Rev Stacy Hill, legally ordained, certified in Reiki, Chakra Tantra Reiki and Shamanic Healing and I am also an intuitive card reader.  Being an energy sensitive all my life, I know how much our environmental energy affects our lives.  For us to live healthy lives, we think that eating and exercising is what we should do.  In this concept, we are leaving out the most important step....OUR energy.  In keeping balanced lives we have to include body, mind and spirit.
I also help others clarifying their lives.  Many times we are presented problems or choices we need clarity on or we just need some answers to some concerns.
Being an intuitive energy worker I am able to assist you on all the above.  I do Shamanic work as well, and that can be discussed.
I am  the Co-Creator of the Savannah Mystic Fair, a place where you can get readings, healings as well as aura photography as we are proud owners of the AuraFit equipment.  This equipment allows you to visibly see your auras and will show you what is going on with your chakras. We have events every few months, come check us out on FaceBook (Savannah Mystic Fair) or our website
Many Blessings,
Rev Stacy Hill