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Bridgetta Tomarchio

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Carlsbad, CA


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Reconnective Healing Practitioner, Massage Therapist, Herbalist, and Aromatherapist

(323) 474-2717

Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County

Bridgetta offers:

*The Reconnection®

*Reconnection Healing®

*Swedish Massage

*Lomi Lomi Massage

*Ayurvedic Massage- The V ishesh

*Massage with a Reconnective Healing Session

* Aromatherapy

* Tui Na (Acupressure)

* Trigger Point and Structural Integration

*Lymph Drainage Massage

*Geriatric Massage

*Herbal Remedies and Products

Choose to participate in the next level of your evolution and your reconnection to the universe!!!