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R.R.C. (Registered Radionic Consultant). I trained in London with Katherine Gray, who created the White Light Radionic system. I lived in London from 1983-98 when I moved back to the US (Santa Fe, NM & Asheville, NC). In 2017 I married and have relocated back to the UK.

I've been a Radionics practitioner, Integrative Psychotherapist and (sometimes) actor for over 20 years. I have also studied and practiced Shiatsu, Numerology, Colour Healing, Tarot and Palmistry. I have a BSc in Psychology.

Radionics is a system of holistic health that works energetically to re-create health. Think of yourself as a giant radio, a combination of thousands of different 'stations' (organs, systems, chakras, emotions, thought forms, levels of consciousness, auric fields, etc.). Radionics is a method of tuning into a station and measuring its level of energy (normal, low or high).

All forms of life vibrate and therefore have their own unique energy frequency. This applies to non-human frequencies as well (chemical/metal toxins, micro-organisms, negative energies, karma, trauma, shock, miasms & radiation, etc).

In Radionics, these frequencies are translated into numbers (rates) and just like turning the radio dial to a certain number to get a certain station. I am able to measure the energies of the body using a Radionic analyser designed by Katherine for her system. I operate the analyser, it is not computer-based.

Based on the energy readings, a treatment is created to either detox, clear, re-balance or strengthen affected organs & systems. This can also include checking the effectiveness of foods & supplements you may be taking or wondering about.

Remedies are encoded with the treatment frequencies (similar to homeopathic pills) which a client would take for several weeks. Treatment plans may also include homeopathic remedies and supplements if needed.

TREATMENT IS AVAILABLE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. I can work long-distance using your picture or writing; the appointment would be conducted by video-call. Your treatment would be posted to you. If needed, I can also 'broadcast' immediate treatment via the analyser.

I have worked with people of all ages and animals of all kinds. Radionic work can also be used to 'clean' negativity from any object (jewelry, heirloom, etc.), and to clear and re-balance the energy of a house or piece of land.

Katherine Gray created a very comprehensive, grounded Radionics system that can address physical, psychological and spiritual concerns. I've seen the integrity & unique power of the system work well over the years and get good results.

I'm very interested in creating an international healing network, look forward to networking with other practitioners, and am open to trade/barter with anyone who feels drawn to my work.