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Rachael Hudson

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Due to the daily stresses of life, we all find it much harder to truly relax, enjoy a good night sleep or even have a general sense of well being.

I believe massage and nutrition play a vital role in reducing stress and strengthening the health of people of all ages. When people feel their best, they feel buoyant and have the strength to face the challenges difficult times present.

With greater health and peace of mind, people can face difficulties with poise, clarity of purpose, and strengthened emotional reserves. Truly, massage and body balancing are much more than a luxury – it is an important part of self-care that has a positive ripple effect on us as we work, play and care for others.

Through massage I endeavor to find the balance between relaxation and therapeutic massage. My style of massage tends to lean more towards deep tissue, although one of my favorite modalities is CranioSacral Therapy, which utilizes a very light touch.

I firmly believe that regular massage is vital for people of all ages and social backgrounds. I am committed to helping you rebuild and maintaining your health and well being, so that you fully benefit from those positive ripple effects that you need and deserve for a healthy life.