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Every New Moment You have the Choice to BE anything You Choose ~

Whole Healing is the key.  Archiving the Old Script about "Who you are"……

Getting to the Root….and Letting Go.

Start a new in every moment.  Come heal, let go, grow.

Most of what you need to HEAL is FREE & Available to you ~

We will work together to release density, learn to BREATHE for optimal performance and stress reduction, learn to dance and move through your life with ease, we will release all patterns of holding and stagnation.  We will learn tools to support you throughout the rest of your journey like, visualization, meditation, yogic Stretching, self care, self love and how to live your PURPOSE.

Each individual, as part of the whole, just like the human body, has a specific skill set to contribute.  We , together, will cultivate that.

You can be happy, healthy, successful and independent in a very short time.  Like learning to play the Piano or any new behavior…it takes PRACTICE to build new nerve paths and muscle memory!

We together will learn Prevention & Maintenance Practices that will FREE you up to LIVE a FULL, Happy & Pain Free Life full of purpose.

Lets EVOLVE towards a Universal LOVE revolution that starts with YOU!


I have been a Light Worker for over 15 years and probably many lifetimes before this one. I attended and graduated from the Finger Lakes School of Massage Therapy and Business in 1998.  I sat and passed the New York State Nursing Board in order to practice massage in NY. I taught infant and toddler massage to new moms for Cornell Co-Operative Extension, focused my internship on Special populations and was blessed to work with many non-verbal, autistic, developmentally disabled, elderly and high needs clients; which only heightened my intuition and sensitivity .  In 2009 I became NCBTMB Certified and now additionally PA Licensed. I have Continued my education for almost two decades in many related areas and am passionate, dedicated and driven to Be the Change I want to see in the World. I am also a graduate of; Psychology of the Mind Course through M.I.N.D.S. International which allows me to treat the Body, Mind and Spirit.  I am a natural empath and energy healer.

*  In 2001 I was hit from behind on a motorcycle and thrown over an embankment 170 feet.  My back was broken in three places, my hands face and hip were covered in road rash, all of the tendons on the top of my hands were exposed and several fingers were almost severed.  If you had told me I was going to go through this I would have said Kill Me.  Instead over the next 10 years I had to put into application ALL that I had learned.  The moment I could be off the morphine drip I asked to be removed from pain killers. I started my very long journey to walk, to move my hands, to heal…….

"Through massage, yoga, breathing techniques, aromatherapy, swimming, jogging, practicing positive affirmations, laying down old patterns and learned behaviors that no longer served me, submerging myself into the woods and into service, choosing happiness…..every new moment, every new now…and by forgiving and loving myself, alone with Continuum Work, Journey Dance, Chakra Work and allowing myself to recieve love…..I Healed and realized how this combination could change lives and Heal others. "

I have lived all over this beautiful country and have been blessed to touch a diverse and colorful client base.  I lived in Hawaii for almost five years which only amplified my HEALING abilities.  For the last eight years I have been teaching massage therapy and involved deeply in curriculum building and educating our industry and the public.  While continuing to be the vessel through which healing occurs for so many.  I currently see Clients on Monday and Wednesday afternoons at Collegeville Chiropractic under the Guidance of Quantum Physician Dr. Hank Finkel.

I have been a natural Empath and Intuitive for most of my life and am always listening.  I LOVE being the vessel through which healing occurs and am GRATEFUL daily for the blessing that allows me to hold a healing space for so many ~  I am called to service and my gift to you is to simply Invite you to HEAL and BE A NEW, AT PEACE, YOU!

Each client that seeks me out will have a unique experience, specific to each individual.  We work together to Co-Create inner Peace & Harmony.  I come from a whole approach to healing focused on MIND, BODY & SPIRIT.

Most session are between 50 - 90 Minutes and designed for you.  I suggest 90 minutes for the first session and then every other week for at least six weeks.

Together we will eliminate pain, let GO of whatever is not serving you, learn new practices that can Change your NOW for the better, NOW.

Single Sessions
Workshops & Weekend Retreats Available

"Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity." Hippocrates

I am currently working on my NEW web site and there will be many future announcements coming your way!….INCLUDING A CERTIFICATION!

In addition I provide Sound and Vibration Healing, and am an Existential Detective of sorts….:))).. Ask!

I also provide National Massage Therapy Exam Prep, Practice Exams, Study Guides and Workshops!
for NCBTMB, MBLEX, State Exams and Certifications!

Love & Light ~ Amber

Print INTAKE FORM Below - Copy & Paste it with Contact Number and PIC ID to  or Text to 484.767.4544  I will contact you with CONFIRMATION * Quantum Leaps Date:___________________ Please note that all information is strictly confidential Name:: ________________________________________ Email Address: _________________________________ Address: _______________________________________ Date of Birth: _____________ Age: _________ Occupation: ___________________________________ Emergency Contact: ____________________________ Reason for Today’s Visit/Chief Complaint: How, when and where did this condition begin? Primary Phone:________________________________ Secondary Phone:______________________________ City/Postal Code:______________________________ Marital Status: _________ No. of Children: _______ Primary Physician: ____________________________ Phone #: _____________________________________ What types of treatments have you tried, if any? What makes it better? What makes it worse? Please list any other health problems you would like to address in order of importance: Surgeries, Major Illnesses, Hospitalizations, Major Accidents (include dates): Immediate Family Medical History (Mother, Father, Siblings): Do you have any drug or food allergies? If so, what? Please list any medications you are taking Current medications Dosage: Reason for Using:  Diet & Lifestyle Please indicate the use and frequency of the following: Appetite: 􏰀 Low 􏰀 Moderate 􏰀 High Thirst: 􏰀 Low 􏰀 Moderate 􏰀 High I prefer: 􏰀 Hot 􏰀 Cold foods and drinks I tend to crave: 􏰀 Sweets 􏰀 Sour 􏰀 Bitter 􏰀 Salty 􏰀 Spicy I regularly consume: 􏰀 Artificial Sweeteners 􏰀 Sugar 􏰀 White Flour 􏰀 Dairy 􏰀 Canned/Frozen Food 􏰀 Fast Food Exercise? Yes No How often? _________________________ What type_______________________________ Women Only: Circle your answers. Are you currently pregnant? ________ Are you on the birth control pill? ________ # of pregnancies_____ # of live births_____ # of miscarriages_____ # of abortions_____ How old were you when you had your first period? _____ Have you experienced menopause? Yes No When? ______________ If you are experiencing menopausal symptoms, please describe: Vaginal Discharge? Yes No Is your period regular?______ When was the first day of your last period?________________ # of days from the start of one period to the start of the next ________ Yes No How Much Yes No How Much Coffee Water Intake Tobacco Rec. drugs Alcohol Soda Average number of days of flow: ______ Color is: Pale Normal Dark Blood clots? Yes No Do you get pain or cramps? Yes No Nature of pain (circle): Sharp Dull Constant Intermittent Burning Do you experience any of the following before or during your menstrual period? Water retention Breast tenderness/swelling Depression Irritability Insomnia Diarrhea Constipation Nausea Hot flashes Men Only: Flow is: Light Normal Heavy Bright Red Brown Purple Severe? Yes No What day do the cramps start? Aching Migraines Night sweats Date of last prostate check up: ___________ Results: _________________________________ Circle all that apply: Groin pain Decreased libido Testicular pain Impotence Difficult urination Dribbling urination Incontinence Premature ejaculation Painful urination Nocturnal emissions Other:_____________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Increased libido Cold/Flu (only if applicable) Date Started ________________ 􏰀 Chills 􏰀 Ear Congestion/ache 􏰀 Sneezing Coughing: 􏰀 Dry 􏰀 Productive 􏰀 Nausea 􏰀 V omiting JIN 􏰀 Fever 􏰀 Muscle/body aches 􏰀 Sweating 􏰀 Sore Throat 􏰀 Chest Congestion Nasal Discharge: 􏰀 Green 􏰀Yellow􏰀 White􏰀 Clear 􏰀Diarrhea 􏰀 Constipation 􏰀 Shortness of breath 􏰀 Spontaneous Sweating 􏰀 Lack of Sweating 􏰀 History of asthma 􏰀 Catch Colds/Flus easily 􏰀 Chronic Cough 􏰀 History of bronchitis 􏰀 History of dry skin, acne or other skin conditions ___________________________________ SHUI 􏰀PrematureHairLoss/GrayingofHair Ear Ringing: 􏰀 High Pitched MU 􏰀 Easy to anger 􏰀 Easily Stressed 􏰀 Night Sweating 􏰀 Swollen Glands Eyes: 􏰀 Red 􏰀 Dry 􏰀 Itchy Headaches: How often? ________________ HUO TU 􏰀 Weak/Sore Knees 􏰀 Cold Hands/Feet 􏰀 Night Sweating 􏰀 Afternoon Fever 􏰀 Chronic Sore Throat 􏰀 Poor Hearing 􏰀 Heel Pain 􏰀 Poor Memory 􏰀 Rib Pain 􏰀 TMJ 􏰀 Alternating Constipation/ Diarrhea 􏰀 Spot in Eyes 􏰀 Poor Vision 􏰀 Blurred Vision Location:________________________________________ Pain Quality ____________________________ Pain Severity (1/10)________________________________ 􏰀 Low Back Pain 􏰀 Fearful 􏰀 Frequent Urination 􏰀 Burning/Painful urination 􏰀 History of Urinary Tract Infections 􏰀 Night Time Urination If yes #of Times_________ 􏰀 Irritability Stress Level: 􏰀 Low 􏰀 Vertigo/ Dizziness 􏰀 Grinding Teeth 􏰀 Low Pitched 􏰀 Moderate 􏰀 High SexDrive:􏰀Normal 􏰀High 􏰀Low 􏰀 Moody 􏰀 Neck/Shoulder Tension 􏰀 Dream-Disturbed Sleep 􏰀 Heart Palpitations 􏰀 Irregular/ Rapid Heartbeat 􏰀 Anxiety 􏰀 Easily Startled 􏰀 Bloating after eating 􏰀 Tired after Eating 􏰀 Abdominal Distention 􏰀 Nausea 􏰀 Vomiting 􏰀 Belching 􏰀 Bruise/Bleed Easily 􏰀 Fatigue, What time of the Day? ________________ 􏰀 Lack of Strength 􏰀 Flatulence 􏰀 Hiccup 􏰀 Bad Breath 􏰀 Heartburn 􏰀 Acid Regurgitation 􏰀 Insomnia 􏰀 Chest Pain 􏰀 Mouth/ Tongue Ulcers SLEEP # Hours per night ________ Rested in AM? _________Trouble falling asleep? ________ Trouble staying asleep? ______ 􏰀 Body Heaviness Bowel Movements: 􏰀 Constipation 􏰀 Burning anus/ itchy anus 􏰀 Hemorrhoid 􏰀 Blood/ Mucous in Stools 􏰀 Worry #times/day _________ loose________ normal________ hard_________ 􏰀 Diarrhea 􏰀 Intestinal Pain/ Cramping I am committed to your health and well-being. While a Holistic Approach is a very thorough health care system, it is not a replacement for western medical treatment, including regular check ups with your primary care physician. I recommend that you consult a physician regarding any condition for which you are seeking body work or emersion treatment. We, the undersigned, do affirm that ___________________________ (print patient name) has been advised by Quantum Leaps to consult a physician regarding the conditions for which such patient seeks herbal medicine of treatment. I consent to treatment. I have discussed the nature of my treatment with my practitioner. I acknowledge that in chronic conditions, results can take up to within two to three weeks to be seen unlike acute conditions where effects can be felt in days. I acknowledge that with chronic conditions the course of treatment could last anywhere from 3 weeks to a few months or more. Patient Signature: _______________________________________________________ Date:____________________ | edit | delete

Thank You ~ Mahalo Nui Loa