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Distance Energy Healing for People and Animals

Natural healing and nutrition have been my life long passion, and my Bachelor’s Degree is in Health Education. I am trained and certified in The Emotion Code and The Body Code. I am a master level practitioner of Usui Reiki and Kundalini Reiki. I have also trained in, and have been attuned to several other healing modalities. I combine modalities to create custom sessions to best help my clients all over the world. I am very happy to be able to use this work to help people and animals every day.

For your convenience and privacy, I perform most sessions remotely via proxy and immediately email all notes to you. This allows me to perform your sessions without us having to be in the same location, or even on the phone at that time. As energy healing is not subject to the physical constraints of time and distance, this is just as effective as if we were together in person. This also ensures greater consistency of testing and allows more clearing to be done in a shorter period of time.

This energy work is comprehensive, insightful, and compassionate. It drills down to the core of the issue without requiring you to relive painful life events. I offer a complimentary 15 minute phone conversation to allow new clients to speak with me directly, to discuss their issues and to get their questions answered. Please use the contact page to arrange a time. I look forward to speaking with you!