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In my practice, I like to take a slower and lighter approach to deep tissue rather than the typical manipulation of the tissue with firm pressure and flushing the area. This method is a goes at a pace where I am able to warm up and soften the connective tissue that wraps each individual muscle fiber as I sink in rather than pressing to force my way passed the muscle's natural stretch reflex while assessing the client's pain threshold. Once I have gotten deep enough into the tissue, I can adjust my intention based of the client's preference to either let the fascia guide my direction or follow the length of a specific muscle in order to help align the connective tissue bound up along that muscle. This method can cause, but is not limited to, the following: twitching, referral sensations throughout the body, a pseudo dream-like state, a decrease in anxiety, an increase in relaxation, breaking up adhesions to allow the muscle to unwind. This approach also has an energetic component in the sense that, when I slowly come out of the tissue, it can often seem as if my presence is still there once I finally remove my hands.