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Parker Thomas Ferguson

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Washington, IA


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I am an enthusiastic Massage Therapist who truly cares for his clients. Too many times in thus day and age, therapists only care for the money they make and their own energy. With me, you won't get that. I care for my clients, and ultimately, I believe that is what makes a therapist of any kind successful. I have over 750 hours of class time from the school, Body Wisdom Massage Therapy, and 192 clinic massage hours. I have also worked multiple events, and have guided many clients through an arduous journey out of pain and physical issues. Whether it be injuries, emotional blocks, or simply built up stress and tension, I can help and more. Massage is one of the most powerful practices in history and can help and fix countless issues in your life. I truly believe this, and I truly believe with all my heart that Phoenix Therapies can be a positive addition to your life. Like the Phoenix of legend, you must rise from the ashes of your past and be born again more beautiful, and stronger than ever before.