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The Holistic Healing Nepal (THHN) and its associated spiritual and healing centers are one of the most esteemed internationally renowned organizations in Spiritual and Alternative Medicine Therapies. It is working for the liberation of every individual from “Physical problems, Mental in-harmonies and Spiritual Ignorance” for creation of a healthy, prosperous, joyful and enlightened community with the help of practical techniques and Courses from Satya Marga as well as other different therapeutic and alternative medicine therapies.

In THHN anyone can take part and attend the holistic counseling and the healing sessions. Every individual with receptive and open heart can experience the divine flow of energy and blessings from GURUJI and numerous known and unknown spiritual beings (Siddhas-mahasiddhas, gurus-mahagurus), gods, goddesses, deities and the energy frequency from higher dimensions helping and guiding us in the inner process and activities for transformation and uplifting of every individual soul towards the PARAM SATYA (ULTIMATE TRUTH).

THHN is always eager and very much pleased to help and guide the individuals seeking to achieve their highest state of consciousness with a healthy, pure and sound body, Peaceful mind, compassionate and silence heart, and evolving and growing soul finally unleashing themselves to the higher dimensions of existence and to the ULTIMATE TRUTH.

Hence, very powerful and unique systems of healing and alternative therapies are offered which can be applied in daily life for self and others, along with the SPIRITUAL Practices capable of connecting straight forward to the higher dimensions are offered with which everyone can grow and rise themselves in a technical and practical manner in the immeasurable and mysterious field of SPIRITUAL SCIENCE.

THHN organizes different healing camps in a scheduled manner for specific problems or with specific healing techniques as well as different practical workshops required for the overall development and growth in life like, personality, mind power, memory power, concentration, will power, confidence, goal achievement, etc.

Besides healing and different workshops various regular activities like Yoga, Aarati, Yagya, Pravachan, Special blessing meditation, Daily healing sessions, etc. are running in a daily, weekly and monthly scheduled basis. While featured events in various occasions like Navaratri, Deepawali, Fagu Purnima, Maha-Shivaratri, Buddha Purnima, Guru Purnima, etc. as well as different Sadhana camps are organized and conducted in different places.

Hundreds of students of The Holistic Healing Nepal are successfully teaching and Healing in various places in a national and international basis.

For the SPIRITUAL SEEKERS, “We are just the instruments of God Whatever your lifestyle, path or tradition, you are welcomed. Important thing is being connected with higher frequency regularly and being oneness with the divine”. So, THE HOLISTIC HEALING NEPAL welcomes everyone seeking-
» liberation from Physical problems, Mental in-harmonies, Emotional problems as well as Spiritual ignorance.
» Study, Learning & Insight.
» Introspection and self purification.
» Intensive practice of Yoga, Pranayam & Higher level of meditation.
» Spiritual Rejuvenation.
» Experience of higher dimension energy and presence of God/Goddess, Siddhas and Gurus…
» Self Realization
and much more…..