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I am delighted to help you navigate and heal from emotional trauma, health ailments, and provide a empathetic ear & spiritual counsel with any and all life concerns or matters. I am a medicine woman and a naturally born highly intuitive healer. I set upon a path of South African Shamanism (traditional healing modality) 6 years ago and since have been accustomed to local Native American Shamanism, Chumash and ancestral Sioux roots. Shamanism is native to all of us, and is one of the oldest traditions in our human heritage – we have had some form of shamanic practice in each of our ancestral cultures on planet earth since time began. In early times, when our ancestors were unsure of what medicine plants to use, where to hunt for game, how to help a sick or injured clanmate heal, or how to work in harmony with the life-giving spirits of nature, a shaman would enter an altered state of consciousness, and journey in non-ordinary reality for information, and healing. I am a master in Reiki (Ancient Japanese Energy Medicine), I couple this with Shamanic work- I can help to remove blockages, help alleviate traumas, health ailments, clear chakras and soothe all ailments with a loving and nourishing light energy.

Shamanism can support specific issues such as: I truly cherish the idea of being of service to you. Please don't hesitate to contact me in regards to any of the above issues and we can schedule an in person or phone appointment. You can expect our first meeting to be soothing, greeted with a cup of hot herbal tea, soothing music, massage table for reiki work, and a cozy healing space. I look forward to hearing from you.