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Mike Fratto

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I've gone from physical therapy to personal training, and ended up as a massage therapist. The biggest bit of joy from massage is that it can bring you back to life even with the simplest of touch. With this in mind I want people to understand that there are hundreds of different types of "deep tissue" and other massages. You don't need that piece of paper that simply shows society that you are capable of doing a specific technique. You just need to love and actually understanding the human body, using the common knowledge God gave us to manipulate and TREAT our devolving bodies back to life. Treatments that show true change and difference guaranteed, through a striving spirit to help every person in need. As we live in a world hell bent on rushing and worrying about everything. It is not hard to understand why we are always sore or stressed out.
Feeling blessed with a knack for the human body, and a heart to see those in need come back to life. I couldn't find anything more fulfilling than massage. My technique may not be the most comfortable or "relaxing" massage you receive, it is a treatment, not a massage. And once treated, with the help of self care, the relaxation and relief follow soon after. You will begin to feel alive again and ready to take on anything the world can throw at you!! And that is a God given Guarantee.