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Kevin Kornburger

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San Diego, CA

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Nifty Shifts - Shift Into Freedom!

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Kevin's Sessions

Kevin holds a compassionate Safe Space for you, where all issues that come up during the session are kept in strict confidence. A session includes clearing, balance and release across the physical, emotional, spiritual and psychic levels of Being.  You are more than you think you are.

I am guided by Intuition and the Higher Self.  Sessions can be "active release", where we co-create a list of issues to focus on; others can be "passive release", where you will just sit back and we will see where Intuition takes us.  Everything is guided by Intuition, so no two sessions are the same.  Often there is talking, if we are led to do it.

In-Person Sessions are with you seated while I typically stand and move around you, and they are usually non-touch.

Remote Sessions are over Messenger, Text, Email, etc, and require you to find a quiet place where you can sit comfortably for the duration of the session.  We'll connect briefly before and after, where I will give you a written report of my experience of our work during the session.  I would also like to hear your experience, if you saw or felt anything while we were working.

"Qwik Shots" are quick blasts of energy work for you while you go about your day.  No special appointment time is required.  You'll still receive a written report of my experience during the session.

Please visit my website for more information or to book a session:

About Kevin

Although intuitive his whole life, Kevin "began" his journey in 2003/4 after learning a special form of moving meditation called "Natural Qi Gong" from a Chinese master. This taught him to trust the intelligence of his body more, and not pay attention so much to his mind.

He then began to practice the Yuen Method, a type of energetic healing based on Neutrality- a place of homeostasis where we are neither attached to nor avoiding things we need to face. This practice taught him that what we think is our issue usually isn't the issue, and that perspective plays a big role in how we feel, both physically and emotionally.

Since 2009, he has been consciously and consistently doing energetic work and facilitation for both groups and individuals. Now, he uses a variety of techniques from many sources, and he is usually adding new things all the time. If you are interested, please contact him to find out what he's currently working on.