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Scheduled classes and personal sessions available.

MAT PILATES: safe, effective, enjoyable. Incorporates strengthening, lengthening, dance elements and the traditional exercises of Joseph Pilates. Variety of movements to strengthen Core and Mind, upbeat and relaxing music. a lot of fun. Ball, bands and Mat recommended.

PILATES-YOGA BLEND (Pilates/ Yoga combo): also a format executed with confidence. Class is led with compassion and goal of "Gaining" (strength, connection, happiness or sense of accomplishment).Background in World Religions, often offer self-affirmation, other connections to body and those sharing the space if desired. Experience with traditional medical environment, anatomy, physiology and coaching.

STRETCH AND MEDITATION: Just lengthening muscles for the inactive or to compliment your regular exercise regimen. Grab a mat, leading you through a series of stretches that are designed for you. Assisted stretches with bands and props and from myself. Comfortably non-religious meditation to finish the workout.

BARRE VITE: Ballet Barre, with attitude. More on the format, go to