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Kasie Gordon

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Every treatment is tailored to my client. Based on the information they give during intake and my observations. My experience over the coarse of my lifetime has given me the talent of working with my clients on many levels not just the physical but mental and spiritual. Intent based bodywork, a structural integration for all three brings harmony on all levels which is important. Many people disconnect from their bodies, and try not to feel on many levels because pain and emotions tend to slow us down. This fast paced slow down and be left behind world we live in today is not easy to exist in especially with bodies that are less than fully performing. I can’t help unwind the fascia that holds us captive. Our tension should not run our lives. We are the captain of our ships and sometimes we just need someone to help with getting out lives back. Pain is debilitating and takes the fun out of life. Through myofascial release I have the gift of compassion, experience, education and touch to free the glue that binds the soft tissue, tension that causes disfunction and pain, formulate a plan to keep it gone and educate each client on how and why they got the way they did and what to do to keep it gone. I am a facilitator of healing. Each and every client individual but all alike in that they deserve to live pain free