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Michelle Alva

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Miami, FL
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Michelle's passion is educating and empowering individuals with safe, practical and highly effective healing and wellness approaches that unite the modern science of physical therapy, CranioSacral Therapy, Therapeutic Touch, Mindfulness Meditation and the latest research in mind/body medicine with the ancient wisdom of yoga, massage, belly dance, sound healing and energy medicine. Her intention is for us to master the art of self-healing, self-love, self-nurturing and personal growth so we may be of service to others and reach our highest potential. When we take responsibility for our own self-care, we live feeling happier, more fulfilled and everyone benefits!

Michelle's highly intuitive gifts combined with her 18 year background as a Holistic Physical Therapist, Integrative Yoga Therapist, Energy Medicine Practitioner, Belly Dance Teacher and Infant Massage Instructor has inspired her to create Integrative Healing Therapy to empower you to release, process andĀ  transform emotional, physical and spiritual pain, tension and stress. She teaches you how to activate your body's innate healing and repair mechanisms so you may experience your natural energy, soul connection, and innate joy, passion, radiance, creativity and vitality.

Every Integrative Healing Therapy session is uniquely tailored to addresses your specific needs and goals. Michelle offers one-on-one healing sessions in person and long distance via phone or Skype.

Michelle also offers one-on-one and group classes for women on how to awaken and ignite their Divine Feminine Essence through the practice of Nurturing MovesĀ®, a fusion of yoga, belly dance, physical therapy based movement practices and mindfulness meditation.

She also enjoys public speaking and teaches to corporate groups on various life-enhancement and stress management topics and themes. Click HERE for details.

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Relax, de-stress and release with Michelle's Guided Meditations called FREE YOURSELF HERE .

Link to Michelle's Website to read her BLOG and published articles featured in Elephant Journal, Mind, Body, Green, Family Guiding, and Mamiverse .