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For the past 23 years, I have been an executive, entrepreneur, coach, consultant, author, speaker and a mother of two amazing boys.   I have worked hard to understand what it takes to consciously live in this world, create success and experience meaningful relationships.

What Conscious Means To Me

Conscious is a widely used term in today's world.  I define being conscious as being aware of how my thoughts and actions affect myself, my relationships and the world I live in.  I take the time to understand how each action in meeting my needs, decision I make for myself, my family, my clients has on our humanity and planet as a whole.   I  comb through the depth of decision in understanding the real impact we have on each other in what some consider simple day to day actions.  I have chosen this path as my realities blew up in my face from actions and decisions that I made without thinking things through.  I realized every dollar I made the way I was generating my income led to someone or something else experiencing a loss.   I take the "Conscious" serious and feel as a provider of service you should know this about me as it is woven into the fabric of everything I teach and offer.

Holding On To Humanity and Nature

I was born and raised in Satellite Beach, Fl that was a special part of the world where nature was  interwoven in every aspect of our lives. It was and still is a small community on a barrier island that provided a cut of life where small businesses and families worked together and could peacefully meet their needs.  My childhood wasn't a peaceful place, however, without the nurturance from nature and  beauty of wildlife to bring in the breaths of fresh air, I don't think I would have of found my way to be who I am today.    I feel the more we continue to tear down our planet our relationships with each other will follow down a path of meaningless.

A Time For Change

My success seemed to come with a price. I spent many years successfully achieving and fulfilling my goals, however, there was always a gap in another area of my life that suffered.  Sometimes it was my own vitality or it was the healthiness of my relationships but I noticed there was something missing. As I grew into being a woman and mother, I spent all of my time working hard to create a reality that was different from the one I inherited and that was modeled for me.  No matter I tried; what class I took, meditation,  diet change, exercise  or energy treatment, I still wound up back being the person I didn't want to be. I was recreating the exact model I  was shown in childhood.  After getting married and having children, I could feel myself slipping into a dark place that I feared I would never return from.

I've spent the last 16 years working, researching and creating options and  solutions for people who are also seeking ways to create fulfillment in all areas of their lives without someone or thing being expended at our price for happiness.   To create big change, I had to use big strategies. This included the study of: consciousness, quantum physics, epigenetic's, miasma's and the origins of humanity and business.

My Commitment

I am here to defend and protect the unique interconnected fabric that humans, plants and animals share so that our future generations have a resourceful way to manage in the world. I am also here and to hold space for others who are seeking effective strategies and solutions to fulfill their personal, professional, family and community goals.  My commitment is to provide support truth, a calm space, context, guidance and support you in choosing solutions that will bring you closer to knowing and trusting your own inner wisdom. I admire each person on their journey and am happy to assist you in any way that I can.


16 Years experience as a business, family, life coach, consultant, instructor, speaker and entrepreneur.

Over 23 years as sales executive, sales director, business development director and sales manager.