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Michael Salcido

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Spokane, WA


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My vision as a Body Worker and Massage Practitioner is made possible with the intention to heal and provide a comfortable environment to establish a professional client practitioner relationship in order to guide my clients into a mindful state of connection. Not only in the world, our shared reality, but within the body and mind, the place where our will and spirit reside. Through universal positive regard, compassion and mindful touch, the connection can be made and synchronized energy can be felt. When these elements of our temple are in line we can bridge our selves to the healthy and healing energies of the universe.

Massage therapy with proper intention can manipulate these aspects of our minds by: stimulating hormones and neurotransmitters, providing deep relaxation, and activation of the parasympathetic nervous system ( important for easing the mind of stress).

More importantly what massage is very well known for is the effect on the body. Through the manipulation of soft tissue (muscles) pain can be relieved, not only relieved but brought to attention (as in providing mind body connection). What is also very important to remember is how interconnected our bodies are, we must know our body in order to regain the balance we deserve.