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Meghan Ryan

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Boston, MA


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My practice is based on the foundation of stress reduction.  We all experience stress in our lives and our innate stress reaction is necessary for us to respond in a healthy way to everyday stimuli. However there is a threshold at which stress starts to cause negative physical and mental symptoms.

I discovered the use of breath to help focus and relieve stress while learning Hatha yoga at Boston University. But it wasn't until a particularly stressful semester when introduced to meditation that I fully grasped the profound impact of being in the present breath. Afterwards I went on to formally study Zen Meditation, Tai Chi, Mindfulness and healing modalities that enhance our well being by decreasing stress and increasing happiness.

Each session is unique and suited to your specific needs.  The main modality I practice is Jin Shin Jyutsu, the art of harmonizing life energy.  JSJ helps to open up energetic pathways and repattern set stress responses.  I also incorporate Thai Massage, Myofascial release and Swedish techniques where appropriate into sessions.

It is my pleasure pleasure to work with you to release stress and tension in the body, help you identify mental stressors and teach you stress reduction techniques that can be integrated into a daily life practice. When not with clients I practice Tai Chi and Kung Fu and love to cook, garden and be outdoors.