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Stephanie Henson

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Clifton, NJ


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Massage and Spirit is based on the the healing process of Mind Body and Spirit most of all. When our spirits are balanced and aligned with the universe, we tend to understand and have peace of mind of the challenges we go through in life. I have been a Licensed and practicing massage therapist for 8 beautiful years, Reiki 2, i work with the ancestral and absolutely love healing and being relief and comfort to others. As a young child I have always been spiritual; seeing, hearing, and knowing things that the adverage person who isn’t spiritually connected wouldn’t understand. The spirit realm from that very early age has been my life. Being an empath is the most important part of this spiritual journey especially in healing because I can feel, understand and have a bit more compassion in a way the divine would allow me to. I see sessions as the “Release” space. Let it ALL go and allow God, me, my spiritual guides and your guides to take care of the rest while you go and feel renewed and start again giving yourself another chance and fresh start! Blessed Be! 🤗