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Mary Broussard

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Marina Del Rey, CA


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I am a specialist in medicinal cannabis healing. It is so clear to me that medicinal cannabis oils, combined with other super foods, nutrition, combined with epigenetic emotional healing are highly effective for many issues. I have helped people with late stage cancer find the tools they need to bring themselves into remission. I also work with many other physical challenges like diabetes, fibro, epilepsy, adrenal fatigue, and a huge variety of issues with great success. I have many testimonials from patients who are now in recovery stage of their challenge.

I am an alchemist and make a variety of oils and products to treat my patients and often prepare special medicinal formulas targeted to a specific individual’s requirements, which we can discuss in a private, formal consultation.

I am also a medical intuitive and help people find the root causes of their illness and work with them to help change the patterns that led to their challenge.