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Marian Hill

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Port Elgin, Ontario


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My name is Marian Hill born in England married with three children. I imigrated from England to Canada in 1980. My career was in tourism, but my love was helping people find out the path in this life that they should be following. I had my first reading at the Pioneer church in England which is a church of spiritual awakening. After that first reading which left me with lots of un-answered questions I turned to Numerology to find the answers.  The numbers helped me discover what my role was to be for this life time. I have been studying Numerology for the past 25yrs and have been amazed at the results it brings. So many times do I hear my clients say OMG how can you tell that from my numbers.

Having a Master 22 Life path gives me the tools I need to help other people find out what  their role is in this their lifetime.

Let me help you on your journey.